i have just sent a reply back off to NORTON…having realised why the two heroin slaves…and MI5 are saying that they were MI6 slaves and not ‘theirs’…heroin slaves are generally considered to be ‘total robots’ – so not good, eh MI6?….anyway, they had gone through my pile of CD/DVDs…and i had wondered why…and yes they had to ‘respect the sunglasses’ of MATT SMITH’s which meant that they were unable to go for the ‘wicker basket’ – a ROTHSCHILD symbol…which was where i had put the NORTON product…yes, they were supposed to steal it…so that i couldn’t reply to that NORTON email – with the product key etc…

So anyway, i replied this morning with the full information – naturally i am not going to put up the product code here in case anybody else uses it…but this is the basic email that i sent back…you see COMET have my details on computer system…

GORDON the assistant signed me up for membership – along with my 2 years’ cover at the store.

Why do MI6 heroin slaves fear the WICKER BASKET? I would guess that it is around RA CULT/WICKER MAN sacrifices….they are not allowed to open a ‘wicker box’.

Anyway, so my TIP FOR TODAY is this: put your important stuff in a wicker basket – if you do not have a ‘safe’ at home – it scares the robots away.


You can check with COMET if you like before i take legal action – they will give you the same answer. My subscription was for 2 years and i want those missing days put back onto my subscription – kindly do so, within the next 3 working days.


My email address has not changed but i have an alternative one: [email protected]

The NORTON product came with a laptop that i purchased at COMET and i bought the laptop upon the 05/09/2010 according to the receipt and COMET’s records – i am a member of COMET.

By my calculation that gives me roughly another year’s subscription to go.

Kind regards

Emily Gyde

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