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a few more snaps from today….with the ‘e’ theme, going strong:


for example, INGA and her ‘spontex':





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belle court bins room was relatively ‘free’ of rubbish today….apart from this:


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…and onto other things:

in belle court bins room, today…..





my mother’s stomach cannot handle, at all – ‘modified maize starch’….is that similar to mono-sodium glutamate?

“modified” tends to mean “the ill have got a way round it, to sell you GM stuff without telling you”….

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….make of ‘this one’ what you will…JOE at sainsbury’s…I haven’t seen him around before…i was to meet him, near to the end of the first aisle to the left….and i was to ask him about the lack of INNOCENT POTS around…i wanted to buy a few more….
he didn’t appear to be ‘on the ball’ at all..because after stating clearly that i was looking for the INNOCENT POTS…he was to get on his phone and talk about somebody who wanted to have a look at those SPECIAL POT NOODLES….
…or maybe he was on the ball…i have no idea…it is simply that i wasn’t looking for those SPECIAL POT NOODLES….and i hadn’t said the words ‘special’ or ‘noodle’…and so i wonder where he had ‘got that’ from?
i sense ‘jacqui carroll’ in relation to the above…i have no idea why…only that she went through a phase of loving pot noodles…to the point where she didn’t eat anything else…and lost loads of weight…she was to tell me ‘on the phone from manchester’ that she simply ate 3 pot noodles a day – and that the weight had fallen off her….”sounds druggie” replies MI5 ONLINE…the telephone call took place…let me see…just after i had come back from prague – severely depleted in blood – traumatised out of my mind and ‘very nearly dead’…see previous notes…so around may 1996, then…additionally, jacqui was to tell me that she had moved in with a lawyer, who was having a hard time from his ex-wife, who was an alcoholic…”i don’t drink anymore, emily” jacqui was to add…she was also to tell me something along the lines of “you think you’ve got it bad…i carried a baby for nine months and then it was stillborn…even worse…the doctors were to say that it had been dead for months, before it was born – i lost it after that – they had to strap me down to the bed”…so what had the ill put jacqui carroll through? around about, the time that they were also trying to kill me off….and the year was 1996 – wasn’t it?
jacqui was notoriously unsympathetic, in relation to myself – and in so many ways – although i always sympathised with her…for example – i can remember her debut as a director…at dartington college…an assessment piece…the play that she had chosen, was about rape….it involved a rather shocking scene…where a metal bedframe was hoisted upright on stage…with the woman actress playing the rape victim, tied to it…she then began to scream her head off at the audience….it was the very same metal bedframe that varro had electrocuted me on – in his MOD base on totnes plains – and jacqui’s assistant – a first year art student called ‘john’ – who was helping her with ‘props’ – had managed to steal varro’s metal bedframe from that base….and i wonder now, did jacqui actually know where he had got it from?
anyway, upon seeing the whole thing again…what varro had tied me to – up against the wall – and then attached ‘jump leads’ to…to electrocute me ‘out of my mind’…to then, take me off that ‘wire contraption’ and get those like gill to rape me….and then kick me around the floor, a bit….varro was using a cattleprod, at the time…he was laughing…”electrified frog”….farrell was watching from the sidelines, looking horrified…they had promised him his ‘old obedient dougal’ back….my 8 year old dog alter….
back to jacqui’s directorial debut – well, after seeing that metal bedframe, i ‘lost it’ a bit…and began to weep on roz’s shoulder, upon the front row of the audience…ROGER SALE, the ‘head of theatre’ was assessing jacqui’s piece, at the time…he was to note the fact that i was upset…more than upset…one of those moments where you try to make yourself inconspicuous and muffle your sobs – but end up sobbing so loudly – like a distraught child….that those seated immediately around me, could hear everything…
to make matters even more ‘conspicous’…colin then jumped up from the back row and raced down to the front row…he grabbed hold of me and began to say…words to the effect of:
“most men are NOT LIKE THAT emily….you have to understand that….i love ye…”
roz then began to shout at colin and push him, forcefully away from me…as his friends surrounded him, to drag him back…”leave it colin LEAVE IT”…
colin then fought his group of friends off and returned to roz and myself…i was clinging on to roz and hiding my face, at the time…you see, i had no idea why this ‘unknown male theatre student’ had accosted me….because i was ‘in shock’ at the time….unable to comprehend what was going on, at all…
colin was to tell roz “i’ll walk her home”…roz was to shout back “just LEAVE IT, COLIN, JUST LEAVE IT…” – and eventually he was to back off…
roz then took me out of the auditorium…
the next day – jacqui carroll was furious with me, along the lines of:
“why did you have to cry? don’t you see…roger sale…he was assessing the piece…why did you have to cry? roger was to cite you as the reason why my piece hadn’t reached my audience, in an appropriate way – i got a low mark…”
…and all i could blurt out…was that it was a piece about rape and it was terribly upsetting…she had achieved her purpose in communicating that message…roger should have given her top marks for that….instead of telling her off…
…’in an appropriate way’…i wonder now….in retrospect, i ‘know’ what was really going on…as emet was to say – having viewed the whole thing….it was a case of ‘all of them in on it’…
they all knew what varro and co, had done to ‘those like myself’ in that MOD base on the plains…
and what is more…it hadn’t just been done to me, it had been done to many other young women – students or ‘in another category’ let us say….for example, it had been done to that MI5 ‘blonde’ (the one who was to pass herself off as a drama student at rama’s ‘poisoned food’ event)….she had also been in the audience and had noted my ‘extreme reaction’…but hadn’t felt it, herself – oddly enough…despite having been ‘put through the same thing’….
what is the point that i am making here? i had remembered, what those sick pigs had done to me…the rest of the women ‘within that audience’ – who had been tortured in the same way, had not….the MI5 BLONDE was to make an immediate note upon her pad, in relation to my reaction…but she didn’t get it, at the time….
varro and co, had been using jacqui’s piece…to see if we could remember….only i could remember….except that i had no coherent memories….only that image of the metal bedframe with jump leads attached…and the anger, fear, pain, rage….
varro and co had been hoping to prove to roger sale that ‘it was all right to continue to abuse women in this way’ if they couldn’t remember any of it…rather like the jooish orthodox and their extreme sexual abuse of children under the age of 4….add the jesuits to that number…..these insane men…and they are normally men…appear to believe that god will not punish them – if their victims cannot remember what had been done to them – go figure….victims that are normally very young boys and girls…as well as women…
“basically atheists – who are frightened of lawcourts/lawsuits” replies BI ONLINE.
…those who do not believe in god…the jooish orthodox…the jesuits…what next? we are taking about an episode in recent modern history…has anything changed, since then?
anyway – back to SAINBURY’s, JOE was then to get on to ‘somebody who knew about that type of thing’…she was to arrive….with ‘pinkish dyed’ bobbed hair….she was to tell me “oh so you are interested in that type of thing” pointing to where JOE had pointed to…directly were the INNOCENT POTS had been, on a shelf….”so you are looking for innocent pots but not?”
i replied….that i was looking for INNOCENT POTS….having realised that JOE on his phone, had confused her….do you see how it goes?
“then i cannot help you!” she stated laughing, in an over-friendly way….and no further information was forthcoming….
i thanked them both for their help and continued on…to then buy two AUBERGINES….oh i remember now…the pair of them were from the AUER family tree…they were both genetically AUERs….’the hours’ daldry?
…the pair of them have either ‘found out’ something together…and having met them ‘so many years ago now’ i was to realise that they were almost ‘brother and sister’….over to you daldry…your quest…the AUERS/HOURS….ours? i am tracking and tracing a swiss bank here…the pair of them…..”more like the TSB” replies the CID….really? GILL used to ‘diddle his fingers’ over so many ‘bank-to-bank’ transfers and so many times a day….that nobody could catch up with him….and that is what that ‘couple’ does – gill had taught them ‘elementary skills’ hadn’t he?

hey diddle diddle, the cat and the ‘fridge’.

dethawing ‘those like gill’ is an interesting point, isn’t it?

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hmm….i might add…in relation to the whole ‘they say that i am mad and i say that i am not’ debate….let me pose this question:
why have i ended up with a rather nice, modern ‘des res centre of town’ one-bedroom flat in a police-protected building…with a number keypad door and 3 cctv cameras – two inside of the building and one outside?
…with a landlord called CHP…who have various ‘rangers’, who call round to sort out any ‘problems’ – as well as a police liaison officer…i mean to say – i ask you…’something is going on’ isn’t it?…the whole thing suggests that my life has been ‘under threat’ at some point (as well as everybody else, currently living within the building)- but nothing is ever said, is it?

…and besides I have already stated that I had met rik, Shirley and donna before ‘within intellligence’ so many years ago now…..donna was to tell me recently that she still did jobs for the MOD…

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oh and what was ‘this one about’ MY3? an earlier version of your front page before the ‘ving’ one, was to appear…


something around ‘roz’ and ‘alexander’? must have been…

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the bionic man…this advert is something around ving in Clacton, so many years ago now…he was to tell me to remember ‘cinquante’ as in sang-can’t…I was to reply, something along the lines of “but we know that already” and referred him to mcdonald’s research upon ‘human blood opiates addicts’ etc etc…


oh and the RANworth surgery…there is a ‘god’ called ‘ran’ in ling and the eldest taschmann’s book THE SIN EATER…a reference to….”indian intelligence brought in to sort the mess out – but their programming was activated and they couldn’t do it” replies BI ONLINE.

…there is also an epic film called RAN…


well doesn’t that just sum it all up – in relation to the ROYAL MAFIA COMPETITION and what was going on at the time…’so many years ago now’…e.g. Tomlinson organising that ‘street riot’ of ‘zombie slaves’ outside of MCDONALD’s…see previous notes upon his ‘covonia bull alter’ terrifying the life out of Jacqui carroll ‘holed up’ above mcdonald’s…or the prague Rothschild team sawing Helen rodway-williams in half – during a ‘magician’s trick that went wrong’…or roz shooting jade laing in the leg – as she made a run for it towards the DVLA or was that the railway station, up Andrew’s road…and that is just for ‘starters’ in relation to what has been going down, in Clacton over the past 10 years or so…

Anyway, I know that the ill had told ranworth surgery to get me off ‘mental health’ benefits and send me back to the job centre…well they will have difficulty doing that…and the way that they had been told to do it?….was to try and ‘shame’ me into work….”how shameful that you do not work to earn your living” etc etc…I have worked my fingers to the bone, all of my life and I am now waiting for my money back…I will not work again until I have the money that was stolen from me, back…and besides I have it on record, that my psychiatrist said that my condition was ‘terminal’ i.e. persistent delusional disorder in relation to thinking that i once worked for intelligence services…anyway, a local GP is not a ‘specialist’ in mental health – the psychiatrist’s diagnosis will top his or her diagnosis…and terminal means ‘for life’…this ‘works for me’ at the present time…it means that nobody can sue me, in relation to what I write upon my blogs…I mean to say – who would take a ‘mad person’ to court?…and of course BI still want to know about ‘anything that I can dig up’…in short – the whole thing, works out rather well…

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I was to read two of those ‘quick read’ books from the library last remember that I had read both of them ‘upon the other side of the mirror’…I had only flicked through LIFE’S TOO SHORT by val mcdermid but marine green had read the lot, along with a colleague…and they had both enjoyed it very much….

I was to read THE SIN EATER by Deborah j miller, more carefully….to remember ling and the eldest taschmann on a ‘collective writing spree’….begrudgingly because the HOLLIDAY family had forced them to write it as ‘new programming materials’…they were to put in one ‘subversive element’…a hint….in relation to an orange comet….but that was all…for fear of giving the game away…

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the grey man’s flat is lit up again this morning…at just after 8am…



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anyway, ‘whitehall’ were to put webb through the above…”SHINE ON…(you crazy diamond?)”…

and “GETTING RID OF SCRATCHES”…mark r’s pun around the surname ‘saatchi’ was ‘scratchy’…and so we can say that it is likely that ‘whitehall’ were to use this book for quite a bit of programming…