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anybody like to explain ‘that one’? I think that I know what it’s all about…GCHQ and ‘how to get in touch’ with terminator II…


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I had an odd dream last night…back to Greenwich park, with colin…and “let’s not eat the apple microchip of ‘evil wisdom’ – let’s climb the tree and sit in it, instead…”

two monkeys in a tree.

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so I am now out of this sick ill cult game – and rimington has been substituted back in…thank goodness for that. I remember now – emet’s people had ‘got the lot’…the british royal princes had chosen those products – on display upon the table – see below…and so if you want ‘to change the prince you want to get’…pick another one…

anyway, ‘van cat’?–4598-0.asp


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did somebody play an American version of this KISMET game, emet? they did – didn’t they?


and you touched the HERSHEY’s syrup….where did that ‘transport’ you?

let me think hard….batman = prince Charles….emet had found out how to summon him up….

so RIMINGTON – you’re back in the game – he was always ‘your prince’ remember? your day in the supermarket, tomorrow…

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…and the BULLDOG ON A SWING competition continues – let me see:

that’s cathy in paris – see previous notes:


that’s her brother:


that’s MI6:


and that’s my brother RH:


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…and FREAKING NEWS this evening…well apparently we have ‘two teams’….the shard team below:


and what does ‘star wars’ relate to, in terms of a product, then?

oh I see…the ‘comic duo’ below are supposed to be the grantley team…they had been spying upon ‘the whole thing’…the whole KISMET program:


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GRANTLEY’s were very ‘e-fish-ent’ in scanning for information relating to the next stage in what is increasingly looking like a sort of ‘zork nemesis’ computer game…not that it is a ‘fairytale’ of course but similar in relation to the absurdity of a zork game…

rimington had always talked about ‘the magic of everyday things’ and grantley’s had seen rimington ‘fail’ the ‘STAR LED test’…she had only opted for the righthand ‘star’….to then leave a note upon the timer system “i’ve left it for you, dear”…

well that is a mixed message, isn’t it?

what is she after…?

DISNEY then crops up…the fairycastle…and within the ill cult tradition…this will be ‘role reversal time’ and no treats – only tricks…so let me guess…i will have to break into a fairycastle and kiss a sleeping prince…

no, because according to grantley’s – the next stage runs as follows:

rimington was to walk into SAINSBURY’s and kiss a can of PRINCE’S TUNA…bloom then ‘magically appeared’ from around the next aisle….he was the british royal princes’ ‘tuner’ you see…the one that they trusted upon their desk…to retune it…

grantley’s were to track and trace SONIA and MARK VIZARD as having written the original script….and it was more CANDYMAN than sleeping prince….bloom then took rimington away – to torture her with a hook…and then ‘blackout’…no more information about what was to happen to her next…

…and there’s more…apparently farrell had taken me in there and told me to kiss a gherkin jar…to then end up at the ‘gherkin’ in london – to meet up with armstrong- in military uniform, with a gherkin upon his shoulder – see previous notes…

the sardine can – relates to a SHARD-IN team….

the M&S team can remember deciding to ‘go in’ and kiss a box of teabags…to then be confronted with the ‘living dead’ as in the taschmanns…”the wolfpack” replies MI5 ONLINE….”teabags = the defenestrated”.

…and seeing as this was a KISMET program – see previous notes….jade was to go in and kiss a pack of TERIYAKI to then be confronted by gill…he was “yakking” at the time…

…and so what am i supposed to kiss, tomorrow?

well all i can say is this….i am giving this stage within the ill cult game ‘a miss’…i have no desire to be abducted/kidnapped/drugged and then abused in some ‘large building’ in london etc etc…

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yahoonews today:


“a similar couple” replies MI5 ONLINE.

I see…and a certain ELFIN ‘legolas’ look, about her:


it looks like a ‘royal bed sheet’ in a way…and we haven’t touched upon those yet, in relation to BED CHAMBER programming, have we?

“legolas was to program himself in as the royal bedsheet” replies MI5 ONLINE….”the difference with this couple was that he didn’t mind…he was to tell us that he wouldn’t have had it any other way…”

so you had a chat with both husband and wife then….”and then we went looking for bloom”.


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…a new M&S email…

and I am being reminded of the WHITE MAC brigade here:


let me see…so ms busy bee – was supposed to be ‘the next one in’…into the flat?



so let me see…orlando had decided to get rid of ‘clawed-in’….to then give Farrell, ms busy bee as his new PA – something like that?

well I suppose that cathy and her brother will be supplying the next one, in relation to previous events…oh I see – they already have done…”in mexico” replies MI6 ONLINE.

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…and this is something to do with CATHY and SUE BARNES – isn’t it?