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…and now a really bizarre thought strikes me…because BI ONLINE were to state “that’s it” around my comment about there being ‘no windows’…is it possible ‘in an alternate universe’ that a concrete structure was put into that icesheet at some point ‘so many years ago’ now?


“and that something’s been launched” replies BI ONLINE…well, yes – it looks a bit like a boathouse, doesn’t it?

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…and the ‘alien abductions’ thing has gone on to a new level…and an organisation called AMMACH (Anomalous Mind Management Contactee Helpline) is running the show…

well you know my opinion upon UFOs…starting with captain gyde and that fake SOE UFO which got him and his friends into ‘so much trouble’ here and abroad….


wait a minute…I know what the above is all about…the above image…Brenda online saying “he was UFO programmed”…the interviewee below:


the presenter had triggered him…been given his ‘keys’….to ‘out’ a PRINCE PHILIP slave, basically…for his ‘ufo’ programming…

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“the majority of this icesheet is presumably BE-LOW the water level” asks the interviewer and the interviewee’s eyeballs then do something ‘very odd’ on camera…

bad grammar you might say…upon the part of the interviewer…an iceberg is not a ‘majority’…there is only one…do you see what I am getting at here?

my hunch is that mark r did ‘get it together’…and that one can only hope that the gulf stream melts the ice around it…and that the submarine becomes visible….before ‘anything happens’…whilst I do not mind the ‘wildlife’ upon it, taking potshots at MKULTRA monarchy members on board vessels….well, I never did trust mark r that much…and wouldn’t like to be on a ferry ‘on a collision course’ with it…


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…and that reminds me of mark r’s hare-brained scheme of disguising a submarine in an iceberg…to then torpedo prince Philip’s ‘titanic’ – see previous notes…


255 was SP’s number…I wonder….


but this cannot be serious…a remotecontrolled ‘iceberg submarine’ I mean…mark r would never have ‘got it off the ground’ would he?

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why doesn’t it have any windows – on the sides?



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and more spam:


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no access to yahoomail this evening:


oh wait a minute…we’re ‘on’ again:


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CLAIROL…I remember that too…at the CV appointment, I was told that I had to dye my hair with ‘clairol’…and if I was told ‘that one’ – it is likely that everybody else was ‘told the same thing’…why Clairol? something around the ‘clara’ desk?


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I remember that…this is all about an odd article about ex BBC presenter Susannah…who apparently eats measured portions ‘out of tupperware’ to make sure that she doesn’t overeat…well I can remember somebody who used to steal her sandwiches at the BBC….upon finding out – and being asked what had been in them – she was to reply “dog”…


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belle court bins room, this morning:


the ‘stick’ and the ‘sis’…of course…psychostick as hulbrush was to put it…and yes, he must have been behind that video – see previous notes from this morning…all ‘on the timer system’.


another ‘reminder’ was an avril lavigne pop video…Japanese-style…

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