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‘the liveried skull’?

you’re not a beefeater nowadays, are you gill?

I mean ‘yeoman of the guard’…let me scan…yes they had planned to make him ‘one of those’ – you might check the list, capaldi…


martin, that’s not you – is it? difficult to tell because the photograph is skewed in the way that yahoonews tends to distort their news photos…and having clicked on another button to ‘un-skew’ the photo…no, it definitely isn’t you but my point remains the same…the royals had been thinking of ‘doing that’…


…but they were to continue on…STIRLING/PW figured that NY taxis might be a good idea…or what about the ‘French connection’ etc etc….

but as far as I know – they had figured on putting him into the ‘yeoman of the guard’ first – to then move him on…later.


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‘life’….what is ‘life’ in Norwegian?

the royals and gill…the gilet/valet…..and gill as the baron’s ‘skull’….

oh I remember now…the royals joking about the ‘livid skull’…

so ‘skulle’ means ‘would/should’ in this context, toby?

let me now check my French dictionary:

gilet: cardigan – waistcoat (GB) – vest (US)….

gilet para-balles: bulletproof vest

gilet de sauvetage: lifejacket

“the liveried skull” replies MI5…”a royal servant”.



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okay MI5 – I now feel strong enough to tackle that trailer for TIGERLAND this morning:

“you are a coward – you are a born leader and you’re afraid to take any real responsibility” – emet was to echo those words, wasn’t he?

“a pep talk” replies BI ONLINE…which led to an enhanced position – and more responsibility, within the pentagon system?

I ‘understand’ the above as follows…you spend most of your young life – as a desperate child…trying to escape/dodge the ill cult system…whilst rabbiting to anybody who will listen…you then end up in military intelligence – to be accused of being a born leader but a ‘coward’ who shirks responsibility…ain’t life a bitch?

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…and the video has stopped on this frame, anyway…

let me scan for more information…there was a reason for that – wasn’t there?



“the royals had programmed with it” replies MI5 ONLINE…so it was you who had programmed in that ‘stall’ upon the video?

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Norwegian….forgive my obvious ‘partial xenophobia’…but Norwegian – it’s hardly a language of love…not quite Italian, is it?

so how does one seduce another whilst saying things like:


I am sure that RADA could help me out there…”turn the above into a passionate speech…use all of your powers of expression…”

or “emote baby, emote” as daldry used to say…


…and yes, just look at those gritted teeth – colin has clearly got into the role:



…am I to suspect a ‘Fassbinder-style’ piece here? it’s a bit ‘dark’ isn’t it?

I don’t think that I should allow myself to watch any more ‘colin farrell’ movies, for my own good…it’s a bit too disturbing and in so many ways.

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colin ‘with subtitles in norwegian’ – what’s going on here then? another Inga project of sorts….

“Norwegian Christmas tree” replies MI5 ONLINE from their notes.


you mean he gets chopped up for firewood, in the end – by the british princes?

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…and we’re back to that LLOYDS advert, today – on yahoo…


and a ‘things could be worse’ selection of photos?

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and more spam today:

[email protected]


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something around the princes? a ‘new comment’ and links:


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oh I know what this is all about…somebody has a bad back and is back on the tramadol again and the message is DON’T DO IT.

flush the pills down the loo and report whoever gave them to you…because it is a slippery slope and as capaldi was once to state…he would rather give those suffering, pure heroin – rather than watch them risk their lives upon certain prescription drugs…

you know how it goes with prescription drugs…the quack gives you one drug…then another to ‘balance the first’ in relation to side-effects…and then another…until suddenly you are on a whole cocktail…and a deadly one.